The Herrod Foundation

THE HERROD FOUNDATION is a private non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland, with its administrative offices located in Montreux.

Our Objectives
The predominant business of The Foundation is to financially support smaller charities and NGO's that are working for the benefit of disadvantaged, neglected and homeless children. In broad terms we are supportive of initiatives to alleviate the suffering of children or for the betterment of their lives. Such enterprises generally fall within the following categories: Housing, Nutritional, Medical, Educational, and Victims of war and natural disaster.
The Foundation makes financial awards entirely from its own resources, which has been made possible by the endowment from its Founder and Chairman, Mr Gerald T. Herrod.

Awards to Beneficiaries

The Foundation’s Awards Counselors actively seek potential beneficiaries. We are keen to support smaller charities that do not have the benefit of sophisticated fund raising systems, including those that may possibly be at the early stages of development, provided they have a proven level of competence and achievement.
We invite those seeking our support to appraise us of their modus operandi, which should include a brief explanation of their administrative procedures and financial procedures.

Activities & Programs

Although our attention is now global, The Foundation’s work began in 1992 in The Philippines with the opening of a home for abandoned children in Manila.
We now have two “Herrod Homes” in Metro Manila that house approximately fifty orphaned and abandoned children. The homes are administrated by the Virlanie Foundation with whom we work closely in response to the overwhelming need to provide shelter and support for the city’s homeless children.
We also fund a Street Education Program that provides a line of support for children living on the streets of the city.

Locality of Programs

The majority of our support is directed to those who are working within the developing world. Since 2005 The Foundation has expanded its areas of involvement across four continents and within the following countries:
Argentina, Albania, Bangladesh, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Ecuador, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Madagascar, Myanmar, Malawi, Nepal, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, The Philippines, Rwanda, Romania, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Tibet, Thailand, Togo, Uganda, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe.

Present Focus

We continue to be involved in most aspects of helping disadvantaged children. However, we are presently very aware that a vast amount of child illness and mortality is caused by lack of access to clean drinking water, so The Foundation is keen to find and support people working on initiatives to supply clean water to impoverished rural communities. This may be through drilling boreholes and installing distribution systems where feasible, or through the provision of simple water purification systems.

We are also keen to help people to help themselves. In this respect we are very receptive to those who run micro credit business schemes, and vocational training programs to assist poor families in becoming financially self-sufficient.
If you think we may be able to support you with your work please contact us.

PO Box 1409
Grand-Rue 83
1820 Montreux, Switzerland,   
Phone: ++41(0)21 962 7300
Fax: ++41(0)21 962 7373
E-mail: admin@herrodfoundation.ch